Helping exploited women find safety and a fresh start

Since 1996, Breaking Free has helped women escape violence and sexual exploitation and gain life and job skills for better outcomes. Learn more

Helping seniors gain dignity, hope

Fact: Older adults with mental illness can be helped with the same success as younger people. Learn more

Midway Pointe

Building low-income senior housing

Building senior housing with great access to transit will allow low-income seniors to live independently in neighborhoods where they have strong ties. Learn more.

Feeding neighbors, nourishing spirits

Open Arms of Minnesota provides free meals that meet the unique nutrition needs of individuals facing life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer, ALS and HIV/AIDS. Learn more

Demonstrating that Numbers Work!

Preschool teachers face a unique challenge when it comes to early math. Numbers Work! helps teachers create math-rich classrooms. Learn more

Creating strong and stable organizations

The Management Improvement Fund helps nonprofit organizations strengthen their internal operations. Learn more

Our Mission

The F. R. Bigelow Foundation promotes the well-being of mankind and supports the civic, educational, religious and other needs of the community. We fund programs and help shape initiatives that strengthen and enhance the quality of life in the Saint Paul area.

Our History

Frederic Russell Bigelow established the F. R. Bigelow Foundation through a trust in 1946. His great love and understanding for the community lives on today. Learn more