Featured Grants

Beyond Walls

Featured Grant12/7/16

Beyond Walls is a local youth development program that builds all-star youth on and off the court. The program uses the racquet sport of squash to engage middle and high school youth from low-income and diverse backgrounds in academic achievement and pathways to college.

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Featured Grant11/30/16

Tubman’s latest youth housing, Safe Journeys, is a haven for youth experiencing homelessness. This transitional housing and shelter site also offers onsite services to help youth reconnect with their life goals.

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Educators 4 Excellence - Minnesota

Featured Grant10/26/16

Educators 4 Excellence – Minnesota is a teacher-led nonprofit that works to ensure educators have a voice in policy decisions, elevating the prestige of the teaching profession and creating better outcomes for students.

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Guild Incorporated

Featured Grant9/28/16

Guild Incorporated helps individuals with mental illness lead quality lives. Their Equilibrium program connects youth ages 16 to 20 with a community-based alternative to traditional mental health care.

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Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services

Featured Grant9/7/16

Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services strengthens the fabric of Saint Paul’s Frogtown neighborhood by keeping current residents in their homes.

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Cycles for Change

Featured Grant7/18/16

Cycles for Change can reframe a youth’s outlook on employment and community leadership using an everyday object: The bicycle.

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Central Corridor Funders Collaborative

Featured Grant6/16/16

The Central Corridor Funders Collaborative is taking its final bow after a decade of investing in the people who live and work along the Green Line. See how the legacy created by F. R. Bigelow Foundation and other Funders Collaborative partners will live on. 

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Upstream Arts

Featured Grant6/15/16

Access is a large part of what Upstream Arts provides in special education classrooms, helping students with cognitive, developmental, emotional, behavioral, and physical disabilities build stronger communication and social skills.

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Hospice Stories Project

Featured Grant6/1/16

The Hospice Stories project is a collaboration between Minnesota Network of Hospice & Palliative Care, SoLaHmo Partnership for Health and Wellness and ECHO to provide culturally relevant resources and information about hospice care.

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Urban Roots

Featured Grant4/22/16

Urban Roots is providing employment for youth in Saint Paul's East Side neighborhood and introducing them to careers in conservation. 

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Minnesota State Council on Economic Education

Featured Grant4/22/16

The Minnesota State Council on Economic Education's innovative Mathematics and Economics curriculum serves thousands of at-risk second, third and fourth-grade summer school students.

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College Possible

Featured Grant3/23/16

College Possible's Connects program boosts college graduation rates by connecting low-income students with on-campus coaches. 

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Phillips Eye Institute

Featured Grant3/15/16

The Phillips Eye institute's Early Youth Eyecare Community Initiative brings high quality vision testing and eye care directly to Saint Paul Public Schools. 

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Latino Economic Development Center

Featured Grant2/11/16

The East Side Enterprise Center’s “how-to” lessons in business are helping entrepreneurs and recent immigrants succeed in running small businesses.

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Breakthrough Twin Cities

Featured Grant10/9/14

Breakthrough Twin Cities is helping low-income students turn a dream of going to college into reality with intensive year-round support from the end of sixth grade to high school graduation.

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Right Track Saint Paul

Featured Grant8/26/14

Right Track Saint Paul’s internships create summer jobs for low-income youth and guide them into a career development pipeline to the jobs of the future.

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