The F. R. Bigelow Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of trustees committed to honoring the legacy of Frederic R. Bigelow. The board provides organizational leadership, oversight and guidance for grantmaking.

Portrait of Richard Breeson
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Richard B. Beeson, Jr.

Portrait of William Collins
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William L. Collins, Jr.

Portrait of Deborah Dicker Weiss
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Deborah Dicker Weiss

Portrait of Mari Oyanagi Eggum
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Mari Oyanagi Eggum

Portrait of Morris Goodwin, Jr.
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Morris Goodwin, Jr.

Portrait of Ambar Christina Hanson
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Ambar Hanson

Portrait of Glenn E. Johnson
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Glenn E. Johnson

Portrait of Eric Jolly
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Eric J. Jolly, Ph.D.

Board Secretary

Portrait of Alicia Kunin Batson
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Alicia Kunin-Batson

Portrait of Jamice Obianyo
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Jamice Obianyo

Portrait of Gloria Perez
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Gloria Perez

Board Chair

Portrait of Terri Thao
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Terri Thao

Board Treasurer

Portrait of Paul Williams
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Paul Williams

Board Vice-Chair