Portrait of Gretchen Simpson

Gretchen Simpson

Human Resources Administrative AssistantCall team member at 651.325.4217

"I believe that my role contributes to the mission of The Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundations by identifying energetic, creative and talented candidates for the organization’s open positions."

As Human Resources Administrative Assistant, Gretchen posts jobs, screens candidates and schedules interviews as part of her duties. Her previous experience includes working as a human resources manager for Pratt & Whitney and Otis Elevator.

Her extensive volunteering experience includes serving as the fundraising chair for her son's Boy Scout troop and as lead director for a volunteer-led Girl Scout week-long day camp for the past 11 years.

Gretchen grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and lived in Indiana and Chicago before moving to Minnesota. Cheering for the Ohio State Buckeyes makes her feel connected to her home state, her family and her youth, she said.

Most of her free time is dedicated to the school, sports and scouting lives of her two teenage children. Gretchen also enjoys hiking in the woods with the family dog, Ranger.